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Closet Detox 101

January 17, 2017

Hello Bellas,


January is the time where most people feel like they need to improve their organization and de-clutter everything in between. This is the time of the year when I usually do a good closet detox. It gives me a fresh start for the year. I go through my wardrobe and just see if my current wardrobe fits my current style and lifestyle. And yes I know… taking every single item in your wardrobe out and going through each piece can give a person anxiety and can make you automatically exhausted at the thought of it. I get it, that’s a lot to process, but of course I have you covered. Take a deep breath… pour yourself I glass of coffee or wine (no judging here) and get down to business!


When To Start
This is a project that will take a couple of hours, I wouldn’t recommend doing this on a snow day while the kids are home or after work. Take a day where your schedule is free and you’re able to give it 120%
The magical question! Treat it as an appointment, be strict with yourself, and write it down on your agenda.  


Where do you start?

Take everything out of your closet, drawers and yes every single item. Seeing everything you own all in one place helps you decided what to do with it. Now be honest with yourself and ask the following questions


            Have you worn this particular piece within the past year?
            Does it fit you?
            Does it fit your personal style?
            Is it dated?
            Does it need to be taken to dry cleaners/tailor shop?
            Do you hold on to it for sentimental value?
            Is it wearable? Is it stained? Broken?

Have you worn this particular piece within the past year? I know, we sometimes go shopping with a blind eye. We buy things because they are on sale, trendy, or just for the heck of it…. Been there, done that. The logical answer is, if you haven’t worn it within the past year, it will most likely stay sitting in your closet for another year.


Make some piles: Love, Maybe, Donate, Trash and sell
When we love a particular item you just know. As soon as you see it say KEEP. You’ve worn it multiple times, it’s in great condition, and it will continue being a fav! Remember honesty is the key ;)


Always have a maybe pile, it will not only help you when it comes down to decision making, but it will also help you. Sometimes we have multiples of one certain item, like a white tee… I promise you, you DON’T need 8 white tees!!

Does it fit a CURRENT body shape?
Who isn’t guilty of this? We all have those jeans we worn in college that barely goes up our thighs. Yes, sorry to say, but it’s time for them to go. These items take up space, space that can be filled with stylish items that actually fit our current body!


Does it fit your personal style?
We know what we like and what we don’t. As we get older our personal style changes. You might have been the tee shirt and jeans kind of girl 2 years ago and now a white button down top with dark jeans is your current style. Why keep things we wouldn’t dare wear to take the garbage out.


Trends to ditch
Fashion should be fun and a way to express our personality. I am all about making your OWN fashion choices, but you still want to look like you belong in this decade!


Make a stop at the dry cleaners/tailor shop
Make time to drop these items off, after all we spend our hard earned money on them. Sitting in a bag on your closet doesn’t help. Take them to get tailored, so they can be included in your wardrobe.


Emotional Attachment
Oh yes…. How many of us don’t have an item or two that just holds sentimental value to us? Believe it or not, there is a way to keep these items without collecting dust in of closet. Check this site to get some ideas!


Where To Donate
These are some local organizations you may want to consider when thinking of donating.
-Unity House

-Capital City Rescue Mission
-Dress For Success

Who doesn't like extra cash in their pocket? Sell your gently use clothes to make room for new items to complete your wardrobe :) These are some of my favorite stores to check out
-Plato's Closet
-Closet Mentor


Afterwards, it may seem as you have a closet filled with empty hangers, but it’s always better to have a small wardrobe with things you actually wear than a closet filled with clothes that’s just collecting dust!

Even with all these #tipsandtricks, it’s always nice to have someone else second option. Whether it’s for some styling tips, helping decided what are key items in your wardrobe or simply gaining some organization tips Bella V is here to help! We’ve added packages that can fit your needs.






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