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How to Shop Like a Stylist

August 1, 2017



Hi Bella’s,


Is no secret we love shopping! It is a job I am very good at ;) Now, I am not talking about going on a shopping spree or buying pieces you don’t really need… I mean smart shopping! 

How many of us go to a store and leave with 3 bags with random, useless pieces? How many Bella’s go shopping and find NOTHING? 

As a stylist I have helped many ladies conquer their shopping horror by giving them tips to shop like a pro. I understand how stressful walking into a store can be, whether your problem is you can't find what you need or your buying the items for the wrong reason.


I have put together my 7 shopping tips I think are important when visiting your favorite store






Know what you own

This has to be my most important tip! You have to know what you own, to know what to shop for!! Start by doing a closet detox and getting rid of all those clothes you don't wear anymore (besides they are simply taking up space you can use with things you love and need). Buy what your lacking on. For example, do you own more gold than sliver jewelry? Next time you see those cute sliver drop earrings, buying them is an investment to your wardrobe ;) 





 Try It On

I would be lying if I told you I always try on before I pay. I hate it! We have lots of layers and sometimes we are just too lazy to take our clothes off. But please, try them on. Even as a stylist we buy things and then realize.... this flowy top looks more like a tent on me :) :)

Don't be shy to take selfies in different angles and poses, it helps you get a better view of how it really fits. 

After all, trying it on helps us aviod the hassle of taking a second trip back to the store.







Don’t Buy Pieces as an Outfit

I see this a lot with clients, they buy a top and a bottom and only wear it that exact way. An off the shoulder top can work with jeans, shorts, skirts, maxi, over a dress, pants…. the list goes on and on. Buy pieces, while keeping in mind the many different ways to wear it. Maximize your wardrobe!






But, It’s on Sale….!

Nope, don’t go there! When we find a top we automatically love and it just happens to be its on sale…. yas girl. Buying a top just because its on sale, its just a waste $ Just think of all the money we could have if we didn't spend money buying useless things, just because we saw the word sale!







Email List

I always join my favorite retail's and boutique's email list. Some may find that to be a pain, having your inbox filled, but by doing so you’ll be the first to know about any sales, specials, promotion they may have!







Set a Budget

Can you imagine J.Lo’s shopping budget? A girl can always dream right? But we all have bills to pay and food to buy. Keep a realistic shopping budget. I always suggest keeping a monthly budget. Set money aside every week and go shopping at the end of the month or keep saving it for big purchases/sprees.








Make a Shopping List

We use a shopping list every time we shop at Hannford, why not do the same with clothes? I keep a shopping list for pieces my wardrobe needs on my phone. It helps to keep us grounded and helps us to shop smart!!


Do you have any tips when it comes to shopping? Please let us know in the comment section ;)



I aim to help women find their individual style. Whether you need help organizing your closet, tips on putting together a weekly wardrobe, personal shopping from basics to special occasions, or an entire closet overhual and much more I am here at your service. Please check out our services page!




Bella V 



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