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Mel's Styling Tips: How To Make Your Outfit Look Expensive Without Spending Extra Cash

April 19, 2018




Hi Bella's


As much as we would like to rock the hottest brands straight from the runway, it just isn’t realistic for us. We have kids, bills, basically our bank account isn't about that lifestyle! So, what do you do? Babes, you fake it until you make it!! There are so many ways to elevate your outfit with key pieces that will have others believing your look cost a couple of hundreds when maybe it was all under $100!

But first, lets talk about what do I mean by looking expensive. To me its an outfit that is bold yet easy. An outfit that is classy and chic. And finally, a look that gives me some confidence. So its not always about what brands your wearing, rather that a powerful look that makes others think… it must be pricey!



Go Nude

Not literally! I was going to change the name of this topic, but what the heck, lets go with the flow! Neutral or nude colors always look classy. A classy look is usually considered to be a higher end look.




A Classic Print

If you know the Bella V girls, you know we always like a pop of some sort to any look! Leopard print is an easy print that not only goes with basically everything, but it makes any outfit look super chic!







Boxer Handbags

I know a “boxer” handbag isn’t one a lot of people like, but its the structure of the handbag that actually looks pricer. For example, this handbag is under $30 and no one would expect its this cheap! It looks well made and again keeping neutral.



Gold vs Sliver

I am a gold jewelry lover at heart. 90% of my jewelry are mostly gold tones. Adding some gold jewels definitely makes your outfit look pricer, specially if they are really basic and dainty pieces!



That Trench Life

I remember being a little girl and always wanting a trench coat. Every Christmas I would ask Santa for one. Santa never really got my memo, but I knew one day when I get my first job, I’ll buy myself one. Fast-forward when I was 15, I walked into Forever 21 and bought my first trench coat. I rocked that jacket almost everyday that spring and it always made my young self feel like I rule the world. To this day, a trench coat still gives me those vibes!! And years later, a trench is not only a classic, but an essential to your wardrobe.




Pointed Pumps

Add these to any look and you immediately go from 0 to 100! Personally I am not a huge fan of round pumps, nothing against them its just not my style. Pointed pumps elevates your look, whether your rocking them with jeans and a tee or a little black dress for work!



Red Lips

I always go for the nude, everyday lip. But when I want to go all out, I add some red lips! Its all about boldness. A sexy look, I mean... look at Lorena!! A total classic that will never go out of style!




No Distress

Okay, this is hard for me. I love my distressed jeans, but deep down I know theres noting more classy than a pair of jeans that are sleek! It makes you look like you have your life together and guys I need that 😉




Your clothes will always look best when they actually fit your frame and body. You could be wearing Manolo’s latest collection, but it won’t matter if your clothes don’t fit right!!



I know, I know… but its true! If your not confident in what your wearing it shows. But when you put that outfit you love, it shows all around!! Go for those looks that make you feel like a #bossbabe



What are some hacks you have to look expensive?



Bella V 

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