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I think we all can agree that being a mom has its challenges. No matter if you are a stay at home mom, working mom, single mom, soccer mom, or whatever “category” you fall into. Lorena & Melissa may have the fashion thing on point but like any other mother they too have their struggles with motherhood. After a long day they both enjoy “mommy juice” (WINE) to unwind and get ready for another crazy day.


We asked Melissa and Lorena what’s motherhood like for them. Read on to get a little glimpse on what type of mama they are.


What was your life before becoming a mother?

Melissa: I became a mom at 17 years old. So you can pretty much vision what my life was before.

Lorena: Working 50-60 hours a week in NYC, traveling, spending way too much money on shoes and take out.


Best advice you ever got about motherhood?

Melissa: Everyone looses their shit including moms. 

Lorena: Swaddle a newborn to help them sleep. My 2 girls slept through the night at 3 weeks =)


Do you go through mom guilt? If so when?

Melissa: Yes! Not so much about doing things for myself, rather than missing out while doing things I have to do. Makes no sense, I know!

Lorena: Hmmm….I feel guilty saying…I don’t get mom guilt. Does that count?


Did you ever vision yourself as a mom?

Melissa: I never thought I would be a mom or a wife. I had all these goals I wanted to achieve and felt having a family will get in my way. Also, I am an aunt to 16 nieces and nephews. I was the number one babysitter, so they always felt like my kids.

Lorena: NOPE! I’m the oldest in my family and was left to babysit and tend to my younger brothers. That experience turn me off on having kids of my own. I actually never really liked kids and was that girl that avoided any events that involved children. I still get anxiety when I’m around too many kids…LOL


What type of mother are you?

Melissa: I am the bad mom. Dad gets to do all the fun stuff and I’m the one who has to say no. And guess what? I’m okay with that! I’m also the mom that gives tough love when needed and a ton of kisses regardless if you want them.

Lorena: I’m the type of mom that does not tolerate disrespect, I will spoil you as long as you earn it, I do not coddle but I will celebrate you in a big way. I push my girls to pass their comfort zone, to stand for what they believe in and always strive to be a respectful human.


What do you really want for Mother’s Day?

Melissa: Dinner I didn’t cook, a clean house I didn’t clean and the ability to sit in my couch with nothing to do. Oh and no-one asking me a billion question would be great too! 

Lorena: To spend my day in a luxury suite in a plush bath robe and room service.


In what way you wish you were better at as a mother?

Melissa: I wish I was better at understanding them. 

Lorena: Patience.


What is the best part about being a mother? 

Melissa: How they view me. It doesn’t matter how many f- ups I do, they will always see me as something higher, even when I don’t see it in myself!

Lorena: Seeing my girls evolve and grow.


What is the hardest part about being a mother?

Melissa: Every single thing! 

Lorena: EVERYTHING! It can be overwhelming trying to juggle it all.


Is there one food you think it’s gross but you make your kids eat it?

Melissa: Cooked veggies! I think they are so yucky, but I always tell them if they don’t eat them, they’ll be short like me. And what kid doesn’t want to be taller than their mother ;)

Lorena: If it’s not hot dogs or pancakes my little one will consider it as “disgusting”. I gave up that battle. Pancakes and hotdogs all day, every day. The older one has always been a great eater no issues with her.


What one thing you hope to teach your children?

Melissa: It’s never too late to go after your dreams, but you have to work your ass off to make them come true! Because we can want all things in life, but they aren’t just going to drop in your lap, hard work is always involved.

Lorena: Nothing is given to you. You must work for what you want. Never let anyone dull your shine.


Favorite pastime 

Melissa: Shopping, organizing and playing board games

Lorena: Shopping!


Least fav pastime 

Melissa: Cooking and grocery shopping

Lorena: Cooking


We hope all of our Bella moms have a great Mother’s Day! Remember we may not all be the same type of mommy, but one thing we ALL have in common is the unconditional love we have for our children!




Bella V 


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