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6 Tips to Gain Confidence in your Style

September 13, 2018



Am I 100% confident in everything I do? Nope! We all have complejos as we Latinas say, because the truth is we can be our worst critic. We find it so easy to criticize ourselves. I’m a horrible cook, lack patience and styling hair is not my thing. My list can go on and on. But we all have that one thing we handle #likeaboss. For me is my personal style! Girl, when I’m wearing the right outfit my confidence is off the charts.  I’ll walk around town like I’m all that and a bag of chips!! Anyone can feel that way with the right outfit. How can you gain confidence in your style? It’s not a simple solution, the process takes time and some trial and error.  

Here are 6 tips on how to gain confidence in your style:




Learn Your Body


Figure out what works for your body and what doesn’t. Play with different silhouettes.  This takes time and it’s a never-ending process, but it’s key to building confidence with your style. Not everything works for everyone. Find out what goes with your body shape and frame. If you're unsure, don't be afraid to ask. Ask your closet stylish friends, store employees or your personal stylist.



Your Style Has Unique Components


I love white. I love bold colors. I love bold prints. I like a fresh, crisp look. This is me. Lorena loves anything that has some edge to it, black, studs, and mesh. Fashion is huge and everyone has their own unique fashion sense. Take a good look at your wardrobe or those pieces you always gravitate towards and see what your style is. 





When you Feel Good in an Outfit, your Confidence Shows


This is where confidence sets in. When we love what we are wearing, the inner fierce chick comes out. Find those pieces that have you walking with an extra skip or have you taking those selfies because your look is on point. 




Get Dressed For You


Wear what you like. Wear what makes you feel good. We are made to think we’re supposed to please everyone. That’s not the case. Get dressed for yourself. Not your man, your friends, your family. This makes you a happy friend, mom, sister, wife etc. 





Fashion is about trying new styles, trends and shapes. I always find the items we dislike the most without even trying them on, tends to be the pieces we end up loving the most. Once upon a time I disliked floral without giving it a try. Floral to me was only for grandma shower curtains ;) Now floral has become one of faves. 




Fashion Haters

Haters gonna hate. You’re always going to find people that dislike what you are wearing. That’s fine. We all have different opinions. You should see how many odd stares I get when I’m rocking an all-white look! Will that change how I dress? Will it degrade my confidence in my style? Nope. First, I’m dressing myself… for me. My style defines who I am as a person. It describe my personality. I’m not dressing to please everyone. Just me!


How did you gain confidence in your style?
Do you lack confidence in your style? Not sure what actually fits your frame and body shape? Hire an expert! Bella V Stylist works great one on one to help you achieve your wardrobe desires you want. Don't hesitate and book your free consultation today!





We want to encourage every woman to discover her sense of style. It’s our passion to help you discover it. Style is more than just clothes, shoes or shopping, it’s a boost of confidence.


Whether you need help organizing your closet, tips on putting together a weekly wardrobe, personal shopping from basics to special occasions, or an entire closet overhaul, We are here at your service!





Bella V 




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