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What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You

October 5, 2018



Hi Bellas 


Let's take a peak into your wardrobe. What does your wardrobe say about your style? Does it even go with who you are today? Does it go with the lifestyle you have right now? Is it dated? Is it trendy? I know, too many questions right? But guess what Bella? Your wardrobe says everything about who you are. Every single time you step out of the house, people can already identify somewhat with who you are and your personality, just by taking a look at what you’re wearing. 


Is your wardrobe dated?

Are you still holding on to items you wore 10 years ago, but don't wear it now? Deep down you know you would never be caught wearing it now… it isn’t who you are anymore, and that's okay. As we grow and evolve, so does our taste/style on things. Find pieces that makes you feel good about you now and who you have become. 


Is your wardrobe super trending?

It's hard not to give into trends when you see them everywhere… I know the struggles ;) Make sure your wardrobe is trending and functionable. Too much of anything isn’t ever good. You need basics in the mix of trendy pieces. Basics are what helps a trendy piece be maximized over and over, creating a brand new outfit each time.


Does your wardrobe describe “the real” you? 

Sometimes we buy things, just because… it's one sale, someone gave it to me, I thought I would like it, everybody is wearing them, etc. Sometimes going shopping can be more hazardous than good. Of course that $5 skirt sounded like the best idea at the time. I mean, you can’t beat that! You start thinking about outfit ideas (which will never happen) on how to make that skirt work. 2 years later, it's still in the closet with the tags attached. Clothes need to describe who you are as a person. Don’t give into purchasing stuff just because it is a steal. 


Does your wardrobe fit your lifestyle?

Do you have a new career? Are you a new mom? The tees you use to wear in college aren't going to work for the women you are now being at the office. Your lifestyle changed. You aren’t the same girl anymore. Celebrate your new positioning in life by dressing like you belong there.


What does your wardrobe say about you?



Having the right wardrobe describes who you really are without ever having to say a word. Maybe you're unsure on how to create the ideal wardrobe that fits with who you are. Luckily you can always hire someone to help! Take the stressor out of your life and hire an expert! Bella V's personal stylist can help you achieve that and more!


We want to encourage every woman to discover her sense of style. It’s our passion to help you discover it. Style is more than just clothes, shoes or shopping, it’s a boost of confidence. Checkout our services!


Bella V 

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