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How a Closet Detox Helped Me Step Into My 40's With Swag

October 25, 2018



Hi Bellas,


When the word “detox” comes up, everyone automatically thinks of a body cleanse. You know the ones where you drink tea for days at a time and spend 20 hours a day becoming very familiar with your toilet bowl. Or having some spiritual awaking and you attempt to find a quiet corner in your house to meditate (while your children are running wild creating havoc) to cleanse your soul. The great thing is, if done right, a cleanse can leave you feeling lighter, centered and overall better about yourself. 


How about if I tell you a closet detox can have the same positive benefits!  A good professional detox is more than piling your clothes into the donation bin or organizing your wardrobe by categories. I understand having someone in your personal space can be intimidating and unnecessary but I want you to take the opportunity to hear it from one of my clients the benefits of a closet detox. 



“One day I woke with my big 40th birthday soon approaching, feeling stuck. Feeling like I didn’t recognize who I was in the mirror. I have a closet filled with clothes and clothes, yet nothing feels like me. I never have anything to wear. I hate it all! If I can describe my closet in two words, it would be a HOT MESS. As much as I try to “clean it up”, I still end up with the same problems. I am in my 40’s and going through a midlife crisis… with my wardrobe. I have brand new items hanging in my closet I have yet to wear. Clothes from my previous corporate job. I even have my favorite college tees in my closet. Hiring help to do a closet detox was on my mind for years, I just didn’t think that it existed. Well, maybe for celebrities. Definitely not for a normal woman like myself. Besides, it must cost a fortune.


Was I nervous getting a closet detox? Yes! I thought I was going to be judged. I thought she was going to throw ALL my clothes away. I even thought I would have to start a brand new wardrobe from scratch. And honestly, I wasn’t too sure how I felt having someone I barely knew going through my personal stuff and decide for me what needs to go. Some clothes have meaning behind it. Some things are brand new (with tags) that I’m still trying to figure out how to wear it. 


Hiring Melissa has been a relief. First off, she is very friendly and professional, you almost feel like you’ve known her all your life. Like she’s your friend. She talks you through the whole process and next thing you know, I was seeing my closet in a whole new light. I understood what actually works with who I am now with my lifestyle, not who I was before. I learned what works with my body shape. I learned to let some things go, which was the hardest. I was holding on to items that no longer fit me, because I was thinking one day I’ll go back to them. But they weren’t even my style any longer, they were just in my closet taking up space. Learning how to dress the body I have NOW, gave me confidence. My wardrobe defines who I am today. Who knew that what was supposed to be just clearing out my closet, ended up with me learning about who I am and how I want to look. Stepping into my 40's like it was my 20's!”


Are you overwhelmed with your wardrobe? Do you feel stuck like Tara did? There are so many benefits a closet detox can provide you with. And the best part, it's affordable. Schedule your free consultation today!






We want to encourage every woman to discover her sense of style. It’s our passion to help you discover it. Style is more than just clothes, shoes or shopping, it’s a boost of confidence. Checkout our services!




Bella V




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