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5 Ways Amp Up Your Style For 2019

January 30, 2019




As a style expert, I always get asked "what are some ways you can amp up your style for the new year?" or ways to amp your style in general. Everyone wants their style to reflect who they are. We all want to look our best. Especially nowadays with Instagram and Facebook. We scroll through beautiful looks only to think “there is no way I can look like that." But who said you can’t? You don’t need to be a movie star to look fabulous. You don’t even need to be a fashionista. The main question is, how do we start? I can create a list of 20 ways on how you can achieve this, but let's start with my top 5!

5 ways you can amp up your style for the new year. 



Get Rid of Items You No Longer Need

This will surprise you, but most of us have a closet that reflects 60% of items that we don’t even use, don’t like, or want to like but have no idea how to. This leaves us with 40% of your wardrobe that you actually wear. Why keep most of your closet filled with clothes you don’t use? It's just taking up space and collecting dust! Don’t worry about being left with 40% of your wardrobe. I can guarantee, if you take a good look or hire a stylist, that 40% of your wardrobe can be converted into a ton of different looks.



Try New Ways to Style Certain Pieces 

There is a big percentage of people who shop for entire outfits rather than single pieces of clothing. They wear it one way and that's it. I'm here to tell you, no girlfriend, that is not the way!! Try mixing your pieces up. You will immediately become bored and dread your wardrobe wearing items only one way. So keep an open mind and explore new ways to style certain pieces. Do you need help maximizing your wardrobe? Ask about our free personal stylist consultation. It’s one of my favorite services that we offer! 


Organize Your Wardrobe to Work for Your Lifestyle

Organize your closet space to benefit you and make your wardrobe space easy to access. Love color? Organize your clothes by color. Do you live in an area where the weather can change from one day to another? Organize your items by sleeve length. For example, hang your tops from short sleeves to long sleeves. Make your closet functional for YOU!



Prep Your Outfits

This is a hack that I use with clients who are simply not a morning person. I know how it feels to snooze your alarm clock ten times, leaving you with 10 minutes to get ready. Prep your looks the night before or once a week. Figure out what you’re going to wear, and don’t forget about accessories and shoes. Once you’re done, hang your outfit in the front of your closet. This way, the next morning all you have to do is grab and go!



Find Your Signature Style 

Believe it or not, a signature style isn’t just for fashionista. We all tend to gravitate toward a fashion style we love. Sometimes it’s more than one and that's totally fine. Not sure what your signature style is? Walk into your favorite store, take a good look through the items you love (even if you have no idea how to style it) and you will find a pattern of similar styles. A good app to help visualize your style all in one place is Pinterest. Pinterest is our main source of inspiration. Make a board of all your favorite looks and talk to a stylist to help find your personal style.


If you need help on how to amp your style this year, reach out to our personal stylist. We’ll help you achieve all your fashion goals with the perfect style package. Because you shouldn’t spend another year with a mediocre wardrobe! 



We want to encourage every woman to discover her sense of style. It’s our passion to help you discover it. Style is more than just clothes, shoes or shopping, it’s a boost of confidence. Checkout our services!


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